Physical Activity

Physical Activity is essential for your physical and mental health. The CDC recommends that adults get 20 minutes of moderate physical activity per day.  Along with healthy eating, engaging your body in physical activity can help you to:

  • Prevent the three leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer and stroke)
  • Control your weight
  • Reduce Stress
  • Have More Energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Increase strength and stamina

Make Physical Activity Part of Your Day

Too busy to hit the gym? Sports teams not for you? No problem, there are many ways to raise your heart rate, and raising it for at least 10 minutes at a time is what counts:

  • Walk or bike to work, stores, school, where-ever! Lewiston and Auburn are great for walking and biking. Plus, Lewiston just received recognition for being the safest among all of Maine’s biggest towns.
  • Take the stairs. Not challenging enough? Skip a step, pick up the pace, or take an extra flight.
  • Take brisk walks on breaks at work. Request a walking meeting.
  • Stretch for three minutes after every 60 minutes of sitting. If possible, request a sit/stand desk at work. Incorporate muscle strengthening activities such as squats or lunges.
  • Try these top five exercises you can do anywhere.
  • Wash dishes and clothes by hand. Clean your living space. Rearrange a room and/or paint a room.
  • Start a garden. Use manual tools to get your heart rate up!
  • Play with a pet. Walk the dog.
  • Build something with hand tools, create a work of art.
  • Volunteer: soup kitchens and animal shelters, for example, will be able to provide tasks that will require physical activity.

Building Active Communities

The built environment affects our ability to stay active. Communities that have safe, convenient and enjoyable places to run, walk, bike, swim, etc, have healthier populations. Check out this inspiring video from Everybody Walk! to learn how our towns shape us.

Find Your Activity!

Use the interactive map below to find opportunities for physical activity in Androscoggin County. Click on the box with the arrow to the left of the map title, Physical Activity Finder, to filter your search results. Click the box again to view the results. Click on the map icons to get location information. Location information will be updated in an ongoing manner.

Androscoggin County Trail Map and Guide* (PDF, 2,044KB)


*We would like to thank the Center for Community GIS for providing the cartography and design of the map and guide, along with Androscoggin Land TrustLA Trails, and the Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce, for supporting the development and production of this great resource. This trail map and guide has been made possible with major funding from the Fund for a Healthy Maine and the Healthy Maine Partnerships.

Healthy Maine Walks

Healthy Maine Walks (HMW) works to promote healthier lifestyles by making it easier for Mainers to find and use walking routes in communities all across the state. HMW provides a central location for towns and local groups to register walks or trails. Descriptions of registered walks can be found on the website as well.


Physical Activity Tools

Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults

Ever wonder how much activity you should be getting and how to fit it in? Check out Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults [PDF Version – 1.10 MB] aged 18 to 64 years. In the guide, you can read how you can fit physical activity into your life—your way.

Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.


A fun website for kids about exercising and nutrition. 
This site also provides some fun, healthy recipes kids can make with an adult.

Physical Activity Programs

Kids Walk-to-School

A community-based program that aims to increase opportunities for daily physical activity by encouraging children to walk to and from school in groups accompanied by adults.

Let’s Move!

Let’s Move: America’s Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids: a comprehensive initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama.