Worksite Wellness

The Challenges

Many people spend more than a third of their day at the office or on the job. Productivity and health are closely linked and can be represented  through absenteeism and presenteeism. One half of unscheduled absences result from modifiable behaviors, and  in addition to that poor health can lead to lower performance at work and higher healthcare costs. Supporting employee wellness is a strategy to a more positive and successful work environment.

Obesity, a key risk factor for many health conditions, is extremely costly for an employer. In 2008 the CDC report that obesity related diseases are costing the U.S. 145 billion dollars per year in health care costs. In addtion to obesity related diseases, according to the American Cancer Society, another 96 billion dollars per year are being spent of smoking related diseases. 



How Healthy Androscoggin is Meeting the Challenge

Supporting your worksite wellness goals:

Whether you have a team or would like to start one, Healthy Androscoggin can assist you with policy development, programming, and Lunch & Learns. HealthyAndroscoggin’s own community wellness programs can benefit you as well, check out Quit and Win! For technical assistance, please contact Katherine Lary.

Recognizing your worksite wellness team:

The Healthy Androscoggin Work Healthy awards recognizes businesses and organizations in Androscoggin County that have placed a priority on promoting good health for their employees. Past award winners have been recognized for policies in healthy eating, tobacco, physical activity and much more.

For more information on the Work Healthy, click here

Connecting your worksite wellness team:

HealthyAndroscogginis a member of the Wellness Council of Androscoggin County (WCAC). The WCAC holds a breakfast meeting three times per year. These breakfasts provide support for local businesses in their efforts to promote the health and well-being of employees. The WCAC is able to offer support with:

  • Leadership strategies
  • Ideas/Planning
  • Education
  • Professional networking

For more information on the WCAC, click here