Work Healthy

For over 10 years Work Healthy Awards has recognized over 50 Androscoggin County businesses, representing over 10,000 employees!

The Work Healthy Award program recognizes businesses for their wellness efforts.  Awards are provided for supporting worksite wellness through written policy, programming, and/or incentives.

Worksite Wellness is:

  • Health promotion through healthy lifestyle choices
  • Education on emerging public health issues
  • Prevention of chronic disease, injury, and violence in the workplace
  • Preventative Strategies

The Benefits of Worksite Wellness Programming:

  • Reduced Health Risks
  • Controlled  Healthcare Costs
  • Delivered Peak Performance
  • Enhanced Teamwork
  • Employees Feel Valued

Award levels are primarily based on supportive policies and practices in these three areas:

  • Support a Tobacco-Free Environment
  • Encourage Physical Activity
  • Promote Healthy Eating

Your business could move up to a next award level based on your bonus category work.

  • Breastfeeding Policy
  • Promotion of Health Screenings
  • Use of  “Healthy Maine Works
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Drug Free Policy
  • Local Food promotion or policy

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