Edible Lisbon Street

Healthy Androscoggin has re-created the “Edible Main Street” project started in Norway, Maine to their own; Edible Lisbon Street. Edible Main Street projects transform city streets into places where food and farmers find a space in the public eye. All seeds and plants have been donated by farmers here in Androscoggin county. Fresh produce is the most nutritious food we can give our bodies, and with over 80 farms in this country alone, something we should have more of!

These boxes promote community participation, curiousity about fresh food and local farms. Food creates a web that ties us ALL together- let’s get to know our neighbor through it!

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ELS Map 2

Edible Lisbon Street was made all by donation. Healthy Androscoggin would not have been able to do it without businesses from Androscoggin county either donating their time, or donating supplies. Not only do we work together to provide free fresh produce, but we were able to bring together the community to complete it as well.

ELS Thank you