Let’s Go Androscoggin!

Let’s Go! is helping kids and families eat healthy and be active. We understand it’s important to have a consistent message about healthy habits where you live, learn, work, and play. So we partner with teachers, doctors, child care providers, and community organizations to help share the same four healthy habits of “5-2-1-0″ everyday:



The Let’s Go! Program in Androscoggin County currently works with 7 healthcare sites, 10 schools, 16 after school organizations, and 23 childcare organizations and reaches approximately 6,400 youth . This could mean more nutritious snacks served to kids, more active playtimes and recesses, more family mealtimes and activities, and healthier adult role models, among many other positive changes! These efforts are sponsored in part by United Way of Androscoggin County and the Maine Commission for Community Service. To find out more about Let’s Go! Androscoggin, contact the local Coordinator by calling 795-2506 or email

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For more information and resources on Let’s Go!, visit www.letsgo.org.