Wellness Council

Wellness Council of Androscoggin County

Providing employers with leadership strategies, ideas, education and professional networking to support their efforts to promote health and well-being of employees.

More and more employers are seeing the benefits of creating a Wellness Program. The bottom line is: Healthy employees are happier and more productive. Wellness programs can be tailored to a company’s needs; from information distribution,  providing healthy alternatives for breaks and lunches, fitness plans, incentive programs, and even a company gym.

The biggest advantage to an employer who has a successful wellness program is the great potential for better performing workers, less absenteeism, and lower health care costs. Retention rates can increase when the employees feel they are valued, increasing well being and job satisfaction.

The Wellness Council of Androscoggin County (WCAC) is where a company can turn to find resources and education on how to start and maintain a successful Workplace Wellness program. WCAC meets quarterly from 8am-10am on the last Tuesday of the quarter for a light breakfast, networking and to increase knowledge through peer led sharing, speakers, presentations and health risk indicator updates.

Wellnss Council of Androscoggin County has invited many speakers to join them and community businesses to get together and discuss Wellness topics that have proved to be valuable information for companies in all stages of Wellness Program development, as well as networking opportunities with neighboring businesses. Highlighted topics include:

Health Risk Indicators: Androscoggin County

Timothy Cowan, MSPH is the Director of the Health Index Initiative at MaineHealth, Northern New England’s largest health care system.

Peer Led Roundtables, focusing on:

  • Tobacco-Free: Emily Dooling (policy) and Keith (support programs)
  • Physical Activity: Wendy Webster
  • Healthy Eating/ Nutrition: Jennifer Willey
  • Weight Management: Jennifer Smith and Maria Pete
  • Communication Styles and techniques: Norm Lebrun
  • Stress Management: Maura Clark
  • The Case for Wellness in the Workplace: Mike Burke

Staying Active In Androscoggin: Supporting Employee’s Physical Activity Goals

  • Thorncrag: Susan Hayward
  • Nordic Walking: Rita Myrick
  • LA Trails: Jonathan LaBonte
  • Get Fit and Win: Amanda Hutchins
  • Dempsey Challenge: Tish Caldwell
  • YWCA- Aquatics

Planning For Wellness

Legal Issues & Wellness

John W. Geismar, Norman Hanson & Detroy

Creating a Health Supporting Culture

Phyllis Wolfe, Wellness Program, BathIron Works

Saving Healthcare Dollars

Ted Rooney, R.N., MPH, Maine Health Management Coalition & Health and Work Outcomes

To Join the council or register for an upcoming event, please contact:

Katherine Lary