Marijuana-Impaired Driving a Growing Public Safety Concern

Amid discussions of changes to marijuana policy in Maine, growing concerns amongst members of the Healthy Androscoggin community coalition about impact on impaired driving.

LEWISTON – December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in the United States.  A lot of focus of impaired driving prevention over the past two or three decades has been on alcohol.  Here in Androscoggin County, the efforts of Healthy Androscoggin, the Androscoggin County Alcohol Enforcement Team, and the community-based substance abuse prevention task force Project Unite! have served to greatly impact drunk driving.

Now, with discussions of marijuana legalization in Maine taking place, increased focus is being put on marijuana-impaired driving and its impact on public safety.  Many community members are questioning what impact marijuana legalization in Maine would have on the prevalence of marijuana-impaired driving.

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Scott Gagnon (Op-Ed): Marijuana legalization is the wrong way for Maine

As appeared in the December 8th edition of the Lewiston Sun Journal

As the Portland marijuana ordinance goes into effect, and the discussion has pivoted to statewide legalization in Maine, now is the time to examine what this policy path could mean for Maine.

Many Mainers may think marijuana policy doesn’t really impact them in their daily lives. However, there are many risks to public health and public safety that could be created or worsened by bad marijuana policy.

As December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, a timely issue to consider is marijuana-impaired driving.

Proponents of the Portland marijuana ordinance ran a series of campaign ads on buses that framed marijuana as a “safe” and harmless drug. One ad suggested that marijuana doesn’t make the person using the drug “rowdy or reckless.”

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Parents Who Host, Lose the Most!!

You may be wondering why you are hearing or seeing different things with Parents Who Host, Lose the Most  Around this time of year two major events take place for high school students, prom and graduation.  There is sometimes the expectation of drinking alcohol at after parties.  The campaign, Parents Who Host, Lose the Most is to help educate parents and concerned adults about the risks associated with providing a place for minors to consume and possess alcohol.

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